Know Yourself More Through Your Birthday Month

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Have you ever thought how much your birthday month can reveal about you? There’s so much that people born in the same month share. From personality to some behavioural traits, there’s so much in common. And you can find more about yourself and your beloved’s just by knowing their birthday month. Excited? Read on and discover more.

1. January

Those who proudly have their birthday’s in January are the ones with a serious and ambitious attitude. They open up only to the people they trust and find intelligent enough.

2. February

To the women’s born in february, it’s an honour as they’re very romantic and amiable. However, their mood swings can be intolerable at times. And if someone betrays them, they’re dead to them.

3. March

They are the perfect representative of loyalty and beauty. That’s why finding a perfect relationship is so much difficult for them. They’re very sensitive and beautiful.

4. April

They’re the woman’s that can be both jealous and good listeners. If you win her heart, you’ll get to know her deeply.

5. May

These women’s are gorgeous and charming , and perfectly describe beauty. However, sometimes they can be intolerable. Men who choose to date them , need to be patient.

6. June

Women’s born in this month are very open and extroverts. They may not even give a thought over what they say. They have an overpowering nature over men.

7. July

Women born in july are the representatives of mysteriousness and honesty. The downside of their nature is that they expect people to be as honest as they’re. And this rarely happens.

8. August

These women easily catch the attention of men. They like to stay away from negativity and harbour a happy and humourous aura. They’re kind too , but also egocentric.

9. September

They’re beautiful inside out. They’ve huge expectations out of a relationship and want it to last for ever and ever. Just avoid hurting her, else she won’t leave any stone unturned to take revenge.

10. October

These women have wisdom and education that is quite enviable. They tend to hide their feelings due to fear of betrayal.

11. November

Women’s born in this month have a good idea of who’s loyal and who’s being dishonest. They know people around them pretty well.

12. December

Women’s that have this month as their birth month are a bit inpatient. They’re open-hearted and therefore people sometimes play with their emotions. Their positive thinking helps them to cope up with all kind of problems and keeps them going.

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