15 Signs That Your Relationship Has Reached The Highest Comfortablity Level

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We all have our own scales over which we say that our relationships are how much easy to go with. However, the comfortablity factor of a relationship can be determined way too easily.

There are 15 such signs, with which of you can relate to , then your relationship has reached an immense higher level of comfort, where you no longer have to think too much before doing anything that’s obvious. So, have a look and know where your relationship stands on the scale of comfort.

1. Waxing

It’s no more a thing to hide or something to resist. You both understand that it’s pretty normal to have those hairs over your body and none of you both push each other to wax it.

2. Farting bond

You know your comfort extension, when you don’t have to control your fart infront of your significant other.

3. Poop talk

Literally, if yoy can discuss your poop, then you’re on a very high level of comfort.

4. Periods day

If your love understands the gravity of the situation and doesn’t hesitate to get you even some help when you’re on your periods, then this defines another level of comfort.

5. No more locks

If you don’t give a damm about your bathroom being locked while you bath or pee, then you are high on the comfort scale.

6. Peeing in shower

You know you’re so much comfortable when you don’t need to control your pee while you both are taking a shower.

7. Morning breath

If you can kiss your significant other in the bed in the morning, without complaining about their breath, then you’re in a very comfortable relationship.

8. Pimple play

It’s not awkward of having pimples all over your face when you’re comfortable with your partner.

9. Comfortable in others skin

Nothing bothers you when you people get close, and that’s what we call being comfortable.

10. Overweight

If both of you don’t care about each other gaining a bit weight or becoming fatter than before, then congratulations, you’re really in a comfortable relationship.

11. Saliva friendly

When you can share the same piece of food , i.e when you are saliva friendly with your partner, you’re in a way extraordinarily comfortable.

12. Sweaty hugs

If you don’t have to wait for taking a shower just to hug your partner after you had a sweaty day, then you can claim your relationship as a comfort one.

13. Crotch scratching

It’s no more awkward to scratch near or over your genitals, and you don’t have to control that itching.

14. Shaving each other

You both aren’t ashamed of shaving each others body , and that defines the comfort level.

15. Changing clothes

You’re so much easy with each other that you don’t need privacy to change, you don’t have to hide your body and are completely comfortable.

Eternal sexiness

And after all those facts, you still feel them as the sexiest person and that’ll exist for an eternity.

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