26 People That Will Make You Feel Lucky

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No, they’re not some kind of superhumans or people that can actually make you lucky. These are people that got unlucky to a level that when you see it, you’ll just think that how lucky you are to never have been steuck in such situations. Want to have a look yourself , then keep scrolling.

1. This is like- Humpty dumpty had a great fall

2. Can you feel the pain

3. The red scissor must have gotten angry with the new guest

4. Now you know that all don’t cost the same

5. Have you been this unlucky ever?

6. When you throw a rock to get it down, but the rock gets stuck too

7. When you’re on duty and the flour is on the floor

8. Haircut failures do hurt

9. It was certainly not grass

10. No rashes on the gums now

11. Falling of it on head would be painful and then you’ll certainly need this clinic

12. Would you be happy to find long lost things this way?

13. Seems like you got a day off man

14. Oops, painful homeschooling

15. Hello brother! Suprise

16. No need to secure it anymore now

17. Cheesy and buttery

18. We hope it wasn’t a cooking competition

19. Snowy day, even the owl is shocked

20. That’s called making faces

21. Makeup maniac

22. Mac and candles aren’t a good combination

23. It just made your playful mood sink

24. Will you taste it?

25. Locks must be changed before they swallow the key

26. Are you like- Who did that?

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