15 Things That We All Eat That Are A Lie

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Shopping in the grocery store, we have all witnessed a variety of food items. Many times we end up buying products that are unreasonable and fake. Some buy it for a lower rate whereas some fine it trustworthy because one of their neighbours buy it. We reveal you some of the common products that are a lie.

1. Is American Cheese Real?

AHH! Such a comfortable option for food when you don’t want to cut slices of cheese. Did i say cheese? Well this product which seems to look like cheese isn’t cheese, at least not 100% . Kraft Singles contain only 51% cheese . So next time pay attention to the line ” cheese product “.

2. Artificial Eggs

One of the cleverest invention of mankind will be these artificial eggs. These so-called eggs are made with gelatin, artificial food colouring, water, and a shell made of paraffin wax, gypsum powder, calcium carbonate, and other things. The formulation of the yolks is such that it allows them to bounce when dropped. Fascinating , isn’t it. And what fascinates more is its low price.

3. Not So Natural Banana

Bananas contain enough calories to get you going the entire day. But the bananas in the market nowadays aren’t that natural. Infact they can be called man made. In the image the banana at top is our natural banana whereas the bottom one is man made.

4. Naked Smoothies Are Worse Than Pepsi’s

Naked juices seem so attractive when we read the hypnotizing words ” No added sugars” . Well even if they didn’t, fruits themselves have contained 61 g of sugars that is 20 g more than a can of pepsi.

5. Zero Calories Drink

Well they are worse than any regular soda. You might think that a drink containing 0 calories helps you to improve your body. To your suprise, if there are less than 5 calories in a drink, the FDa legally allows it to be called a zero-calorie beverage, but it still has some,Right? The only beverage that doesn’t contain any calories is water. Others have artificial sweeteners that trick your brain and make you have more food to be satisfied, which leads to gaining weight. Another lie caught.

6. Grape Nuts

Looking for some delicious and healthy food for breakfast? Unfortunately, Grape-nuts aren’t going to help because this food has nothing to do with grapes or nuts. According to Post Foods, the cereal got its name because they use maltose or “grape sugar” in their recipe, and it’s slightly nut flavored.

7. Fake Mutton

With the development in science, development of fake and chemically transformed food is also increasing. Fake mutton is a part of this. Their are chemically transformed meat from a rat, a mink, or a fox. So be aware and buy it from markets and not stores.

8. Natural Energy Bars

Seems like the word natural git trendier nowadays . While natural products don’t need this tag, many marketing specialists are exploiting this word. Most bars contain sugar, salt, canola oil, and corn flour and are high in calories or are genetically modified. If you see a 100% natural snack in a supermarket, don’t go for it, and don’t waste your money.

9. Margarine As An Alternative To Butter

Their is no proof how this is gonna proove to be a healthier alternative. Neither it reduces the risk of heart attacks nor does it reduce the harm.

10. Fake Plastic Rice
This rice is made from potatoes mixed with plastic and then sprayed with a natural rice aroma. Fake rice can be very harmful to your health as it’s hard to digest. After eating some rice bowls, you can feel like you’ve eaten a plastic bag. To distinguish fake rice from natural rice, burn a grain of it — see if you can smell burned plastic or not. You can also try to put some rice into hot oil.

11. Does Wasabi Leave A Burning Aftertaste

Lie! Lie! Lie!

Real wasabi is of herbal taste and so it has no burning aftertaste. It is very hard to grow and so isn’t so cheap to buy and is considered a luxury food. If it leaves a burning aftertaste, it’s none other than a fake version of it containing substitution of mustard, horseradish, food colouring, and artificial flavours that have been made from a kind of powder.

12. Champagne

Now you must be thinking, how the hell is this in the list? The answer is here. The only champagne you can drink without wasting your money is one that came from the Champagne region of France. If you see a bottle of so-called champagne from other manufacturers, it should get you thinking about the originality of the beverage and its ingredients.

13. Maple Syrup

There are many cheap versions of this delicious item that contains a lot of sugar and food colors, etc . So next time you go to store, buy a bit expensive but natural one.

14. What Does Baby Formula Consist Of?

Whatever be the constituents, there is no such difference between any two of them . This is because the formulas are regulated by FDA . Ordinary Cow’s milk isn’t recommend for infants under 12 months. Cheaper product are chosen over expensive ones.

15. Will You Still Love Pringles After This

The company once insisted that the snack is not potato chips at all as the potato content of their chips reaches only 42% and to add up the slices are made with a dough produced from dehydrated potatoes. So remember it before buying another can .

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