Why Do Most Men Cheat On Their Loved Ones

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It’s very common that people cheat on their significant other. But why? This is the question every person has in mind, that even after being committed, why does one cheat. Well being committed has only little to do with cheating.After all, no one cheats because they are committed. It’s a way of life for some, whereas some cheat because they feel bored. We there are an awful lot of reasons for the act of infidelity in a relationship. Let’s discuss some reasons for the male counterpart that makes them cheat on their beloved women.

Beloved? Yes you hear it right, just because your man cheated on you , doesn’t mean that be never loved you or stopped loving you. Well, now is the actual question….

Yes darling, If you love me, why do you cheat?

We bring you the answers ladies. Keep reading and stay calm as we reveal you the reasons of infidelity.

We all know that our body goes through a series of dynamic vibrations when we are near to people of opposite gender. Same happens when men are around womens , and just because they are not their dear ones, the vibrations don’t tend to cease, causing your man to cheat.

Well according to recent studies, about 25-75% men cheat after marriage, but it will be unfair to say that they all do.

Below are some psychological reasons about the same-

1. Men cheat to save their marriage

Well, it doesn’t sound very responsible but it is the truth. Cheating cause men to remain satisfied from their hormonal needs and they behave much better in front of their wife.

2. Sexual Activeness

Another reason is that the lady ends up satisfied during sexual activities and the man doesn’t. So they don’t find it wrong to go to another woman for their thirst. Most men cheat as they lack control over their urges in any situation that tempts them.

3. Men cheat if their partners are too overconfident of their relationship

Imagine yourself putting all your faith into your better half and thinking that he’s never gonna cheat you. But ladies, that is what makes him cheat even more. Because he knows that whatsoever happens, you won’t leave. And even after getting caught, he won’t apologize because he knows that you are not going anywhere. So even if you are over-confident , please don’t show it.

How can one identify a cheating man?

If you’re thinking that he will misbehave or start being rude , or start to avoid you. Dear, you’re wrong. Men can be smart, they will behave normally. If you want to know the answer, you have to analyze their strategy. Talk to them and try asking them your questions in a way that they don’t realize what you want to take out of them.

What can be done about this?

The last question you would wish to ask when you catch your dearest cheating on you.

Many women tend to divorce or leave the love of their life. But that is an easy decision for the moment. If you’re really in love with him, it won’t be easy for a lifetime. Just because he cheated doesn’t means that he has lost the love he had for you. Ofcourse you are irreplaceable in his life. Giving him another chance when he apologizes to you would be the best option . It takes time but humans do make mistakes and it doesn’t mean they need to be thrown out of the planet. Everyone deserves a second chance. Give your relationship a new boost, encourage him. Talk about the reasons he cheated . Try to understand each other and discuss your issues. Have a nice life.

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