19 People Whose Ideas Are Beyond Weird

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This world is full of people who in the race of being extraordinary , do thing’s that are beyond comparison . And we are not talking about some kind of technical advancements. It’s kind of bizarre and when you look at them , your mind will have just one thought – ” Why the hell did someone do that”

We bring to you the 19 most weird ideas.

1. Wanna buy this?

A blogger actually sells these. Well I don’t have any contact no. of his.

2. Amber nails

Nail art lovers got a suprise waiting.

3. Grandma’s Manicure Idea

Well this surely drives me nuts

4. A beautiful plate

Kind of childhood memory.

5. Chair made of jeans

I think this guy took recycling too seriously .

6. Another Way To Use Jeans

Another nature enthusiast

7. How did they get inside?


8. Even if you can quilt a photo, it doesn’t mean you should.

9. Super Stylish

Here comes the Wonder- man

10. Spy in a bush

Well this one is scary.

11. This is unusual

12. At least she gave it a new life

Ummmm…. Not exactly

13. Old is gold

Well it looks a bit golden

14. Another Lamp

Well , i am in for a heart attack

15. Now it looks cool

Works wonders

16. But why?

I didn’t get you ma’am

17. Painting woes

Some people paint on canvas , others got hammers.

18. Why pay for a haircut when you can do it yourself.

Yup , exactly my point.

19. Well this might be a lazy guy

Nice table bro.

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