26 Photos That’ll Make You Look Twice

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There are so many pictures on the social media , that’ll trick you to see something else. And to know what it actually is, you need to look twice. These illusionary photos will turn your head upside down, and we can assure that. Have a look yourself.

1. No, it’s not a cigarette

2. If you saw a dog, look twice. You may see a purse.

3. Only few have the ability to cover the sun by the ice, lol

4. Look, floating ice?

5. Such thin legs!

6. Did you think this leaf is a banana?

7. This is called timing!

8. Just don’t serve it to the owner

9. Don’t dare eat this marshmallow looking fungus

10. An eggplant or a hairless guinea

11. It’s not something to eat, look closer

12. Hey, I found a big broccoli

13. This case will make you feel hungry, but don’t eat it!

14. If you see a pineapple , look twice

15. Perfect pastry pie, or merely snow on a table

16. When you love the sea

17. This mushroom looks too delicious to resist

18. Are they bananas?

19. An audience or merely a carpet

20. It took me two minutes to decipher this

21. What do you call it- A catman?

22. This is something from outer space, right?

23. Is he on ice or in air?

24. Don’t laugh, things happen! Lol

25. Is he wearing heels?

26. What do you call a parrot deer to you?

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