What’ll Happen If You Don’t Sleep For An Year?

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This sounds crazy , right? Of course , no-one normal will ever try to do something like this, but isn’t it very interesting to know, that how our sleep affects our body? We all know that sleeping 8 hours a day is necessary for maintaining normal physical and mental health. So , let’s see what would happen , when we skip sleeping.

1. 6 hours later

When it’s 6 hours , after you have had a sleepless night, your body will be forced to release an excess amount of cortisol to cope up with the stress levels. Excessive cortisol makes us more irritable and anxious which leads to tension and confusion.

2. 12 hours later

Your brain begins to turn off non-essential mental functions like reaction time and decision making. You feel tired and run down but you are still having the ability to cope well with daily tasks.

3. 24 hours later

After 24 hours, you’ll feel relaxed and much more energetic, and maybe you’ll do much more productive work than ever. Surprised? Well, don’t be. Because it’s all attributed to the hormone dopamine that is released by the brain to cope up with the stress levels. You’ll find everything pleasant , and the world will seem to be a better place.

4. 36 hours later
Your memory begins to weaken and your reaction time decreases as your brain continues to save energy to function. If you manage to go another night without sleep, your body will start to react negatively. Your body starts to shut down certain physical functions, like your immune system lowering your metabolism, which leads to even heavier fatigue. Still want to be awake, then know what happens further.

5. 48 hours later

This is the time when things begin to terrify you and you may even hallucinate. A lack of vital chemicals and nutrients triggers reactions in your overstimulated brain, causing delusions. You may see and hear things that don’t exist, like whispers, strange sounds, and visions. You may also start losing track of time and forget basic things like your name or how to eat. That’s how sick you’ll be after 48 hours.

6. 3-11 days

There hasn’t been any person with a normal mind to cross the limit of 11 days without sleep. The record holder Randy Gardener managed to stay awake for straight 11 days. Maybe, our brain is capable to break this limit too, but at what cost?

So, how much time have you been awake?

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