31 Instances That Might Have Got Someone Fired

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There are a lot of people who risk themselves for taking initiatives or doing some sort of experiment. Many times they reach the verge of getting fired. Have a look on 31 such instances.

1. Looks like dora has put on some weight.

2. Well, can you repeat the name?

3. We wonder how much time it would take for the memory card to charge.

4. I can’t see the dog, can you?

5. For people who love reading upside down .

6. I think the beak went too high

7. Which number is true by the way

8. This isn’t a common spoon

9. A friend among foes

10. Isn’t it scary

11. One needs to be a bit more careful than creative

12. No issues with the expiry date now

13. Rebellious trees

14. How about reconsidering the gates?

15. A piece of art for sure

16. Iused to call them banana

17. Hats off to the builder

18. Those who like it pink

19. The ventilator doesn’t seems to be working

20. I wonder what corn looks like

21. This will make you laugh

22. Awkward room to stay with friends

23. Where do the stairs begin

24. When the advertisement is too large to display

25. Insanely creative

26. Where did 26 go?

27. It is unlikely that the restaurant is called that

28. This ATM machine is for giants

29. Excuse me , what?

30. Isn’t something wrong with tauriel

31. Is it a design

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