The Shape Of Nose Tells A Lot About Your Personality, Check Out What They Say

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You know your nose say a lot about your personality. Personality is the important trait to recognize the people’s character.  It’s been a part of our life process from casual relationships to intense affections.

Personality development is affected by various individual factors such as values, attitudes, personal memories, social relationships, habits, and skills. Now, you can know your personality as per your nose shape and size.  The way your nose look indicates your humanity, your eccentricities etc… Check out which personality character your nails denote:

Here in this article we discuss about different types of human nose shapes and all different shape of nose depicts a different personality.

1. Straight Nose

The person having straight shaped nose is considered to be a logical thinker. They have control over their emotions; they are smart, intelligent and skilled personality. They exactly know how to deal with panic situations. Overall they have an effective personality.


2. Nubian Nose


Flat shaped nose is known as Nubian nose. The nostrils of Nubian Nose are broad and round. The person having Nubian nose is creative and passionate. They always think positive and they are open minded. They are frank and honest people.


3. The Turned Up Nose

These types of nose are lengthy and curved having concave slope and upwards tip. People having turned up nose are optimistic, kind and nurturing in personality. They have strong sense of support for friends and family.


4. The hooked nose


The hooked shaped nose is lumpy and the tip is very round. The person having hooked shaped nose are considered to be very involving person. They are very thoughtful individual.

5. The convex nose


The person having convex shaped nose are very charismatic and have lot of influence on other peoples. Despite that they are very hard working.


6. Pointed Nose


Person having pointed nose denotes the complicated character. They are determined to assert. They always have their reasons, very often trespassing in a useless controversy.

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