4-Minutes-A-Day Exercises Yield Results In Less Than A Month

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we all desire to have fit body and good health to live our life to the fullest extent  and to achieve the desired shape of our body we seek gym and exercises that could lead us to our goal. One of those exercises is plank which is considered as the best exercise for core conditioning and increases the endurance of the body. Plank is a slow working exercise as it burns calories slowly and you have to do it on regular basis to increase the strength and endurance of your body. But when done properly and as according to the prescribed method you will be surprised to know that it may work slowly but it works effectively. Some of us face problems in reducing weight even after including plank in their regular physical exercise because most of the time we attain a much different posture than it should be while doing plank. if you want tangible effect of plank than you have to continue this exercise for atleast 4 weeks , only then you can get to the conclusion that if this exercise is giving your body the desired shape or not . Do not go for the top time limit at the beginning as it could harm to your body. You better increase the time gradually as then your body will become habitual of this exercise. For this you should follow as the exercise is mentioned below:

Day 1 — start your exercise with minimum 20 seconds

Day 2 — Continue with 20 seconds.

Day 3 — now it’s time to Increase it to 30 seconds.

Day 4 — Continue with 30 seconds.

Day 5 — Increase to 40 seconds

Day 6 — Relax. there should be gap between your exercise to give rest to your body.

Day 7 — Increase to 45 seconds.

Day 8 — Continue with 45 seconds.

Day 9 — Increase to 60 seconds.

Day 10 — Continue with 60 seconds.

Day 11 — Continue with 60 seconds.

Day 12 — Increase to 90 seconds.

Day 13 — Relax. Relaxation is also important in keeping your body healthy and fit.

Day 14 — Continue with 90 seconds.

Day 15 — Continue with 90 seconds.

Day 16 — Increase to 120 seconds.

Day 17 — Continue with 120 seconds.

Day 18 — again increase to 150 seconds.

Day 19 — Relax.

Day 20 — Continue with 150 seconds.

Day 21 — Continue with 150 seconds.

Day 22 — Increase to 180 seconds.

Day 23 — Continue with 180 seconds.

Day 24 — Increase to 210 seconds.

Day 25 — Relax.

Day 26 — Continue with 210 seconds.

Day 27 — Increase to 240 seconds.

Day 28 — Do as per your improved stamina.


  • As the beginning position, you will have to get on all your fours and attain a modified push-up position and bend your elbows to 90 degree. Keep your arms in rest and flat on the floor.
  • Position your elbows just under your body and you can look towards the floor or to the wall and make sure that you are keeping your spine straight.
  • Your feet should be together and toes should touch the floor. Keep your inhaling and exhaling balanced.
  • At first, keep it only to 20 seconds and then gradually increase the time as mentioned above.
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