5 Basic Makeup Techniques Every Woman Should Master

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Makeup has become an inseparable part of girls. No girl would like to go outside without makeup. Besides this, not every girl is a professional in wearing makeup. For them who want to be a pro has come to the right place. This article will tell you 5 techniques that every woman should know or you can say how to be a pro.

Vertical eye makeup technique.


This technique would work great for narrow or medium eyes. This technique gives the impression like you have wider eyes. At the bright side, this technique is suitable for both day and night makeups. So don’t let it steal your beauty and adopt this technique when you wear makeup next time. Just remember a simple rule, for daytime use only one color shade.

One thing to ponder is that the darkest shade must be applied at the outer corner of the eye. Otherwise, it would kill your beauty.

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