5 Simple Steps To Becoming A Boss

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Have you ever wondered how some people can come into a room and merely own it? Maybe it’s their style? Their walk? For some being a boss comes naturally, for others, it takes some elbow grease.

There are many benefits to being a boss — and respect by far tops them all. Being a boss is a chore, yet with practice and some self-confidence, you can own every room you walk into!

1. Be Productive

Being is a boss is someone who has all their ducks in a row. Someone who is constantly working and aiming for success is a boss. Have a routine in place, and always have something on your agenda! Of course, enjoy your leisure time, but make sure to have all your priorities in check beforehand. Exercising is one way to be productive, maybe a hobby — or two? Focus on your coin!

Having a good job can prove useful when needing to show your generosity. Remember that a busy life is a key to productivity; if you’re bored then I suggest you get on it!

2. Your Fashion

Having a put-together wardrobe is essential in being a boss. When you look good, you feel good! Go out and purchase yourself something trendy, maybe a little edgy? Have a fashion theme when it comes to your everyday look. Never look like a drag, always make sure you are well fitted and appropriate based on each occasion you attend.

To be a boss, it’s crucial to look your best at all times, regardless of how you might feel. You want to walk into a room and look better than everyone in it! If you’re on a budget, there is nothing wrong with Target clothes; I think they’re pretty cute.

3. Cosmetics

I am all about natural beauty — trust me! A little enhancement though never hurt anybody. If you are more a no-makeup type of person, perhaps you should try using a minimum amount of makeup. A tinted moisturizer, or some mascara — something that will enhance your natural beauty. If you are into the full-coverage aspect of makeup, knock yourself out!

Base your makeup on each occasion with a suitable amount of drama for each event!

4. Hygiene

This part if probably the most important! And no, I don’t just mean shower — proper skin care! Make is a part of your routine to always have a good skin care routine in place! It could be something as simple as, cleanser, toner, moisturizer. Smelling good is also essential to being hygienic! Having a fragrance or some sort of cologne can really help aid in the process of making yourself look more presentable.

When a person smells good, you are naturally more attractive — at least you’ll be confronted by people curious about what you are wearing that day. With this crucial step, you can guarantee the attention you are seeking for, and the respect that comes with it.

5. Status

Your status means a lot when you are trying to be boss. That means making sure you are obtaining all the respect you deserve by making sure you are as reputable as possible. Learn that with being a boss-lady, you must stick to specific guidelines. Most bosses are grounded and have their emotions under control at all times. Practice techniques that will help assure your spot at the top of the social-chain. Walk with potency, be dynamic in your pose along with your tone. Speak with purpose, and only speak when you need to.

Think of Miranda Priestly, for instance, she talks only when necessary and never loses her cool for anyone. Do not show weakness in any degree, vent to those only who are close to you. Have a select few elite members in your circle. Being a boss is hard, but with proper study, anyone can achieve it.