6 Simple Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Shoes

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When people buy shoes most of them go for the outer appearance of the shoes. That sparkling and shining outward appearance becomes the center of the attention and then people forget to check for the inner quality of the shoes, for instance, softness and suppleness inside the shoes and the flexibility of the sole. One should check the inside portion too because your comfort matters more than its appearance. Here are few simple tips to choose perfect shoes.

1. make sure that the toe part and heels keep in shape.

to check the shoes squeeze it from a particular part, it should regain its original part after few minutes of squeezing and the heels of the shoes should be rigid, if not then it will sag early. You should not buy that shoe if it doesn’t fulfill both the conditions.


2. You should choose the size of your new shoes based on the larger foot.


It is normal having one foots slightly greater than the other, many people have it. But is creates problem while choosing shoes. So one must try several pairs of shoes and buy always those in which both the feet are comfortable.

3. You should also pay attention to the flexibility of the sole.

Shoe sole play crucial role in defining the quality if the shoes and it the sole is not flexible enough it would lead to uncomfortable walk. To check the flexibility bend a shoe from the toe side and if the flexibility is improper than it is advised not to buy it as it leads to extra energy consumption while walking and hurt the feet too.


4. Always check new shoes by hands from the inside

One must always check the shoe from inside by using hands as the insole should be soft which will be beneficial in walking comfortably, rough internal seams could lead to a problem in walking and could hurt the feet.

5. While trying new shoes make sure to walk few steps in those shoes.

Buying new shoes is a not easy because if you do mistake in buying shoes it would result in nothing but regret. So, if you have decide to buy a pair then before buying a walk in the pair to make sure about the stability and quality of the shoes and then buy it if it is comfortable.

6. We advise you to buy new shoes late in the afternoon

It is advised to buy the new shoe in the afternoon as in afternoon our feet are swollen which changes our size and becomes different from the morning. If you have bought shoes in morning then due to swollen feet in the afternoon it may become a little tight and create problem while walking. So it is a better option to buy them in the afternoon so that is fit you nicely in the morning too.

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