6 Types Of Housework Pregnant Women Should Avoid

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Pregnancy is a stage which brings thousands of changes in a woman and physical changes are one of them. More specifically physical changes are something in which eating habits are changes and these physical changes are a sign that there are some specific works that a pregnant woman should avoid. Here’s the list of all the physical work that a woman should avoid during pregnancy as it will be better for their and their baby’s health.

General Cleaning

Pregnant women should avoid cleansing of their house as the cleaners contain several harsh chemicals that when come in contact with the skin can cause many skin allergies and have log lasting effect on your skin as well as these chemicals can harm you internally too. if it is necessary to do the cleaning then one must use eco friendly products and keep all your windows and doors of the house open.


 Litter Cleaning

when a women tries to do the litter cleaning during pregnancy then it is a duty of the elders to stop her from doing this as  litter contains toxoplasma Gondi parasite which is passed on to the person who is cleaning  the litter and cause severe disease which will affect your health  as well as your babies health too.

Bathroom Cleaning

It is normal to use several harsh chemicals while cleaning the bathroom but it is advised for a pregnant woman not to clean bathrooms using harsh chemicals as this could be harmful for her health as well as her baby’s health. If you want to clean your bathrooms then one must use homemade cleaners as they have no side effects as well as smell pleasant then other harsh chemicals.



during doing laundry it is a better option to use eco friendly detergents but in anyway laundry should be avoided by a pregnant women as bending is not good for any pregnant woman’s health as it puts strain on your sciatic nerve and in some way laundry could be the reason for the loss of equilibrium and moreover it could lead to premature labor.

Moving Heavy Weights

moving or lifting weight is not good for  pregnant woman’s health as it strains the sciatic nerves and if while moving and lifting objects loss of equilibrium occurs then there could be severe harm to the baby and the women. Doing laundry can also lead to stress on your back and severe pain in your back.


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