6 Ways To Get The Perfect Eyeliner For Your Eyeshape

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Basically , there is no eyeliner that is ever gonna make you look bad , but certain tricks can increment the beauty of your eyes and make them look more symmetrical.

Types of eyes

1. Asymetrical Eyes
If one eye is slightly larger than the other, you’ll want to use a liner technique that will help you correct and equal out both your eyes. Using a black kohl liner, along the lashline, from the inner corner to the outer corner, increasing the width at the outer corner on the slightly uneven eye only to make it appear wider and even can help you with major issues of your looks.

2. Close set eyes
The key to this eye shape is creating the illusion that your eyes are wider apart than they are. First, use concealer on the inner corners to lighten and open up the eye area. Then, on the outer third part of your eye, create a “V” shape using a black liner, and then trace the shape with a jumbo liquid liner to make a thick wing.

3. Monolids
Extend the product up the upper lid so the fold on the lower lid doesn’t hide your liner. Apply it along the lashline from inner to outer corner and stopping where the eye ends. You can also smudge it out at the outer corners, using a small smudger brush.

4. Wide eyes

They can do a variety of looks and carry them all gracefully. So, go bold. Try a really thick cat-eye on this eye shape. Using a waterproof black liner pencil, create a tiny “V” in the inner corner of your eye. Then, go over the line with a liquid liner and wing it out at the outer corner for a patent-leather look.

5. Small eyes
To widen small eyes, apply a taupe shadow over the eyelid all the way up to the crease. Next, along the lashline, use a black kohl pencil. Smudge it with your fingertips and top with a dark brown eye shadow, increasing the amount of shadow at the outer corners. Along the lower lashline, repeat the black liner/brown shadow combo. Lastly, apply a light pink blush using a fluffy eyeshadow brush to the upper outer corners of your eyelid, which instantly opens up the eye.

6. Almond eyes
To accentuate almond eyes, line the inner upper and lower lashes with a waterproof kohl pencil the entire way around your eyes, then trace the outer corners of the upper and lower lashlines, smudging it with a smudged brush. Then, top it with a gunmetal gray shadow to soften it and use bronzer to accentuate the crease for a natural effect.

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