7 Important Signs That We Don’t Drink Enough Water

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There is no doubt that water is an essential part of our life and without water, survival is impossible. a simple glass of water is much more satisfying than any other drink . It is important to drink water in sufficient amount because it maintains the proper functioning of the body protects our heart and gives the brain a boost. When we avoid drinking sufficient amount of water then dehydration happens when we lose more body fluids. There are significant signs which indicate that we are not drinking enough water and those signs are briefly explained.

1. Your mouth is dry

it is a significant sign that when you feel stickiness and little bit dryness in your mouth it means that you are not drinking enough water and insufficient amount of water prevents the lubrication of mucus membrane present in your mouth and throat which affect the production of saliva.

2. Your skin is dry


Your skin is needs to be hydrated every time and for that you will have to drink sufficient amount of water. Ignorance towards water can cost you dry skin and production of excess oil and insufficient amount of water will affect sweating system of your body.

3. You’re overly thirsty

When your body is much dehydrated then you feel thirstily more often and you feel dryness and stickiness in your mouth. This condition is mostly seen in drinkers, people who drink alcohol feel more thirstily because alcohol dehydrates the whole body.


4. Your eyes are dry

Our eyes contain fluid and that fluid plays important role in functioning of the eyes, to maintain the fluidity in your eyes it is essential for you to drink water. Lack of water can make your tear duct dry which can cause severe harm to your eyes.

5. You experience joint pain

To prevent our bones from grinding against each other, cartilages and spinal discs are naturally present. But these cartilages are made up of 80% of water and lack of water can lead to absence of cartilage and spinal discs.

6. You feel fatigued and lethargic

When your body is dehydrated it prevents the proper functioning of the body which results in fatigue and decrease in stamina. Water also controls the blood circulation. If you won’t drink sufficient amount of water your blood circulation would get affected and affect the health of your heart.

 7. You stay sick longer

Drinking water maintains the proper functioning of the body and excretion of toxins present in the body. Water helps in maintaining the metabolic processes and absence of sufficient water would also affect the digestive system which may cause unbalancing of your health.

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