5 Exercises That Will Transform Your Whole Body in Just 4 Weeks

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in today’s time exercise is an essential part of everyone’s life because  it helps in keeping our body fit and the health benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. Physical exercises not only maintain the physical health but mental exertion too. Here are some set of easy exercises that has the ability to change your body shape without costing you money.


For plank exercises, position yourself like you do in push -ups on the floor and distribute your weight on your fore arms after bending your elbows 90 degrees, keeping your legs and back straight. The rule is to hold your body in the same position for 10 minutes. This exercise improves posture and works on back, abs.





Start in plank position but your fore arms, legs should be straight and fore arms and legs should be width apart and keep your back straight and then lower yourself as far as you can and then attain the same position again. This exercise works with abdominal muscles and chest.

Thigh and buttock muscles workout

To reduce the fat present in thighs and buttocks this exercise is pretty effective. for this exercise stand on all fours and then stretch your right leg and left arm straight and slowly bend them again in their previous position and then repeat the same with left leg and right arm. it helps in improvement of back muscles Buttocks and the waist.




For squats keep your back straight and chest and shoulders up and look straight. As you squat down keep your knees in line with your feet. For keeping balance raise your both arms in front of you and rise back as slow as possible.

Exercise for abs

For exercise of your abs lie on your back on the floor and stretch your hands outwards above your head and bend your knees. Now slowly raise your upper body along with your arms keeping them straight and touch your toes and then attain the previous position again. This exercise reduces back pain and improves the quality of your posture.


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