8 Essential Makeup Tricks That Will Make Every Girl’s Life Easier

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There is nothing wrong if we say that makeup is something that hides our body impurities and makes us look more attractive and gorgeous. Every girl apply makeup and due to lack of makeup knowledge they do attempt mistakes and that results in a very time-consuming process. In today’s busy world we have very less time to spend our personal things but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with your beauty. So keeping that in mind we are going to highlight some common mistakes that we woman commonly attempt while making ourselves glamorous.

1. Try out the liquid eyeliner over the pencil version

Most of us are facing difficulties while drawing a straight line with liquid eyeliner so in order to make our task easy begin by drawing an outline with pencil and then apply the liquid eyeliner over it.


2. Use mascara if you don’t have eyeliner

If you are short of your eyeliner then don’t worry you can use your mascara as your eyeliner with the help of a thin makeup brush.

3. Brush your lips after brushing your teeth.

In order to remove the dead skin cells from your lips gently rub your toothbrush on your lips. It improves the blood circulation in the lip region and makes it look soft and smooth.


4. Restore your mascara with hot water

You can restore the life your mascara by simply adding some drops of hot water to it.

5. Whiten your teeth with tooth-powder

You can make your teeth look white and bright with the help of this amazing makeup trick, all you need to do is to brush your teeth with this tooth powder several times a week.


6. Use facial sponges for scrubbing your face

Make use of good quality of cosmetic sponges in order to remove makeup from your face properly.

7. Apply your mascara vertically

For a natural look, you should try to apply mascara to your eyelid by holding the makeup brush in the vertical direction.

8. Cutting of eyelashes

You can avoid the cutting of your lashes to make it look thicker and fuller as it took about 1-2 months to up grow back and it’s not as curvy as before.


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