8 Lipstick Looks That Are Cooler Then Red Lips

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Red lipsticks are evergreen as it goes with everything, western clothes, traditional clothes, everything! It goes with every outfit and every season. But at times we get bored of red and it starts looking dull to us. In these times to can go a little different with these shades which look kickass.

All black everything lipstick.

Source: Moi

Black lipstick looks really killer with a dark color outfit. You don’t need to be goth to apply that color. It might take time for you to adapt, but try applying black instead of your regular lip wear. You will be surprised as to how cool it looks. And it will go amazing with those white pearl of yours!

’20s style bow lip.


All the looks are repeated from jazz area apart from this bow look. Th bow lip might be famous because of the cupid’s bow or the actress, Clara Bow, who rocked this look, which i am not aware of. Either way this look really nails it. As a new set of lips are drawn on top of it and color is filled in it. Just make sure it doesn’t give a look that you are about to put up a show. Keep it decent and classy.

Pastel lipstick.


This color is not for everyone. But it gives a bold look. These are available in alot of brands nowadays.

Ombre lip look.


Ombre Lips still look very cool. A lot of people still go over the internet to try this look to make a decent outfit look classy. You can use the above tutorial to experiment with different colors for this look.

Accentuated cupid’s bow.


This is ultra high fashion which still looks cool. Use a glittery lipstick and mark your cupid bow for this look. Apply any color or leave them plain. Don’t forget to apply gloss for extra effects.

Two-tone lip.


Apply two favourite lip color of yours and use a make-up brush for setting the same. You will look totally rad and funky with this look.

Ultra-violet lipstick.



Violet goes well with every skin tone. They give a bold look. Give this color a try. Just make sure to use the shade that matches your skin tone.

Glittery lip look.


Apply a lipstick of your choice and apply little glitter to it using a brush. Don’t apply much as you will end up looking festive.

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