Why you need your beauty sleep

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For cheerful, happy, lovely and a hydrated skin, beauty sleep is a must. It is no myth that beauty sleep gives the effect of such freshness and such hydration which no moisturizer or makeup can ever give you.

What happens to your skin when you don’t sleep

The natural beauty of your skin vanishes when you don’t get proper sleep and rest. At least 8 hours of sleep is needed in order to get the fresh and naturally glowing skin.

Below are some tips which show what actually happens when we do not sleep.

  • The release of a hormone named cortisol which can increase the stress level for you and will make you look stressed out and tired. Due to this, our skin gets inflamed and gives rise to pimples, wrinkles, thinner skin and dryness.
  • Your skin can also suffer from certain breakouts which disrupts the structure of the skin and which arises from the release of a hormone called glucocorticoid.
  • Blood circulation does not happen in a regular and normal way. Due to this, our skin gets less oxygen and nutrients which further leads to skin looking older than they usually are.
  • Dark circles do appear underneath the eyes due to blood vessels which dilate.
  • The growth hormone is not being able to produce up by the body as a result of lack of sleep. Basically, the entire body of yours goes to the repair mode when you are asleep.


Tips to maximize your beauty sleep

  • Make sure while you are asleep all lights and gadgets are being switched off and the room is very dark and comfortable so that you can get a good sleep. In case you face any issue regarding this, use eye mask or earplugs in order to sleep peacefully.
  • Before going to bed, have a relaxation routine so that you can sleep in a fresh and a peaceful mind. You can go for your massaging sessions with some lavender oil so that you can sleep peacefully or you can apply some moisturizer which will make you feel fresh and clean and a perfect situation gets created in order to sleep.
  • Do not keep any sort of stress in your head while sleeping, this disrupts sleep and leads to the disruption of the body hormones. You can get rid of the stress by watching tv or by reading some novel which will calm your mind down.
  • Proper and right foods are to be eaten before going off to sleep. You can eat cherries as it contains melatonin which allows sleep to drive and also you can have milk which contains tryptophan and further helps to promote sleep.
  • You should avoid foods like caffeine as it will steal your sleep as it does stimulate the nervous system, also spicy foods and protein foods should be avoided before bedtime as these will keep you up because it will for sure hamper the digestive system and also cause heartburn throughout the night.


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