8 Reasons Why Women Break Up With The Men She Loves

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Being in a relationship I always say to my boyfriend that I want to be his last love and romance. So I believe that men always want to be her first love and women always want to be his last romance. A woman in love can sacrifice everything for her partner. She will support him in every up or down of his life. But definitely, there is a saturation level till which she would try to make the things work out. Then, why would she leave the one she loved, care and caressed. Here are some extreme situations when they are being compelled to leave the love of their life.


You Are Not Appreciating Her : Women need to feel appreciated. All she seeks is the attention in a relationship. They need someone to show them that they are appreciated. But if you are the one not appreciating her and giving her priority,then sooner or later she will leave you.



You Are Selfish : A relationship meant to be between two people. So it is quite important for both of them to put equal efforts to work it. But in a case where only she is trying to manage and deal with the situations and man being so selfish is not considering the things, then she will definitely leave him.


Avoiding Physical Intimacy : When a women in love with you, she wants be attracted and adored. Physical intimacy is equally important in a relationship. If you are avoiding those romantic moments then she will get hurt and leave you.


Lack of Quality Time : Healthy relationship starts with understanding. Giving time to each other to understand the likes and dislikes of each other is very important in relationship. You have to give her a good quality time and make her realize that you are always there for her.



Comparing Her : Never ever compare your lady to any irrelevant person of your life. It will kill the relationship. By doing so you are letting her realize that she is inferior to others in your perspective. Doing this, how can you even let her stay in your life!



Being Impolite or Rude : A woman always wants to be respected and loved. Being rude with her is not acceptable. Instead of shouting at her, you can keep your point politely.



Killing Her Personal Space : Don’t take away her personal space. Yes, She loves you but sometimes she may need her own time. Give her that personal space and the relationship will work out.


You Don’t Trust Her : Trusting your partner is a key to a perfect relationship. Understand the fact that she loves you and that’s why she is with you. She will leave the relationship where she is not being believed and trusted.

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