9 Compelling Reasons to Drink Olive Oil on an Empty Stomach

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Olive oil has alot of vitamins and nutrients which are very essential for the body. Only one spoon of olive oil is to be in taken on an empty stomach.

Here are the benefits of drinking olive oil daily

To heal the colon

Olive Oil provides relieve from constipation. It protects the cell from damage which leads to cancer. Also, it helps in improving the patency of the colon.

To get better skin, hair, nails, and bones

Olive oil is very essential for the hair, skin, bones and nails. It nourishes, repairs, softens and moisturizes the hair and the nail. It can be used as a hair and face mask also, but it is more useful if consumed directly.

To clean the liver

Olive oil helps in cleaning the internal system and detoxing the liver. Mix 2tbsp of olive oil with 1/3 tsp of lemon juice and mix it and consume it for best results.

To lose weight

Olive oil contains fatty acids which give a type of fat that gives a feeling of fullness. It can be used as a best replacement for butter.

To improve the immune system

Olive oil contains fatty acids which helps in playing a huge role in different immune systems.

To protect the heart

Theare are two types of cholesterol LDL( the bad kind ) and HDL(the good kind). HDL are well known for dislodging the LDL. HDL can be increased by having a Mediterranean diet which includes fruit, grains, oats, etc.

To reduce inflammation

According to the research, 3-4 drops of olive oil works as 10% of ibuprofen dosage which helps on reducing inflammation.

To control blood sugar level

Olive oil reduces the blood glucose level and the cholesterol. It is very useful for cardiovascular system and diabetes.

To protect the brain

It helps the brain by providing oxygen and prevents alzheimer’s and mental diseases, and also boosts memory and avoid depression.


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