9 Effective Belly Skin Tightening Tips Post Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a glorious and important stage of a woman’s life but during this stage a woman’s body changes physically and sometimes these changes are permanent. “Pregnancy pouch” is also a part of this stage it occurs in a woman’s body because of the baby present inside. After pregnancy woman want to get rid of this because it contains excess calories which is present in body .here are few ways briefly explained to reduce pregnancy pouch and tighten your belly skin.

What Is A Pregnancy Pouch?

Pregnancy pouch is diastases recto- a condition  where the two rectus abdominals are stretched apart during the pregnancy that often will not bounce back to their original pre-pregnancy condition.

1. Increase Your Water Intake:

Water is essential for every human being as it hydrates our body and for tightening the belly skin water play crucial role. It burns the excess calories that get generated during pregnancy and it also tightens the sagged skin of the belly.

2. Breastfeeding Is Essential:

Breast feeding is not only beneficial for your baby but for you too as breast feeding helps in transforming the excess fat in to milk door to which the need of calories in baby’s body is fulfilled. Studies have shown that mother who breast feed their child reduce weight more quickly than the non-breast feeding mothers.

3. Exercise Helps:


Regular exercise is important for every one as keeps an individual’s body healthy and maintain weight. Regular light exercise can reduce the excess calories present in a woman’s body after pregnancy. Light walking on daily basis and light exercise stretches belly muscles.

4. Consume Proteins:

Proteins contain essential nutrients that are useful in development of muscles. It also contains collagen which makes the skin firm and reduces the sag generated after pregnancy and sufficient amount of proteins can also reduce excess weight.


5. Exfoliate Your Skin:


This is another way of tightening and for softening of belly skin. For this, you have to use scrub while you are taking a shower. Scrubbing can also increase the blood circulation which renews the skin.

6. Use of Lotions and Massage:

For skin tightening use lotion which are rich in collagen and are package of few vitamins like vitamin A and C. massaging using these types of lotion helps in skin tightening. Apply this lotion in sufficient amount and massage it using fingers until the skin absorbs the lotion. Apply lotion twice a day for better results.

7. No to Crash Dieting:


Reducing weight gradually is much better than crash dieting as crash dieting can make you prone to weight related diseases which can affect your health internally. Never starve yourself when you are dieting as trying this only will make you gain excess weight.

8. Take Up Strength Training:

Strength training should be opted after consulting a doctor. Strength training improves muscle contraction and improves your body composition and reduces excess fat produces more frequently.

9. Keep A Healthy Mind:

Don’t get disheartened if you are taking time to lose weight, it is because another body was growing inside which leads to permanent physical changes so keep your mind calm and have some patience as stress will only contribute in gaining excess weight.

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