10 Superfoods For Moms-To-Be To Develop Baby’s Brain

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Pregnancy is a start of an incredibly beautiful journey foe a woman. it is an extremely glorious time in a woman’s life at this stage she grows mentally and physical for giving birth to another life which is an extraordinary feeling. But at this stage women should take care of her diet plans and include all the essential nutrients but some of the women are unknown to essential nutrients which she needs on regular basis. Here are few super foods that are essential for development of baby’s brain and development of baby’s body.

1. Sardines for DHA:

Sardines are DHA rich oily fishes which are also beneficial for preventing preterm delivery of a woman. It contains omega -3 which is critical for baby’s brain. Adding sardines to your diet can be beneficial for the proper growth and proper development of baby’s brain. A pregnant woman should eat two sardines per week and it would be more beneficial if she eats sardines combining it with olive oil.

2. Pumpkin seeds for Zinc:

Pumpkin seeds offer numerous health benefits as pumpkin seeds contain some essential nutrients like zinc and magnesium in adequate amount which are beneficial for the development of brain structure of the baby and help in building stronger bones respectively. Pumpkin seeds also have health benefits for the mother too as it deals with depression and also cure abdominal cramps.

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