9 Unusual Things Your Hands Reveal About You

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We all know about palmistry, but little do we know that our whole hand has something to say about us. To know more, keep reading. We present you 9 such things that your hands reveal about you.

1. Nails speak

Yes, they do. Whether it is your personality traits or health issue, your nails know it all.They can indicate the deficiency of minerals or vitamins, thyroid or anaemia or any liver related diseases. Change of nail colours can indicate blood oxygen level.

2. Quivering fingers

It’s not necessary that it happens in old age only. Many people experience it if the level of sugar or caffeine is high in their body. Nervousness can also cause the same.

3. Length of fingers

A few of us are aware of the fact that the length of fingers can reveal so much about our personality.

• If your ring finger is bigger than your index finger then you are adventurous, appreciates flirting. Such people can be a great entrepreneur.

• If your index finger is bigger than your ring finger then these people possess great leadership qualities and always have ideal solutions for every situation.

• If both the fingers are of the same length then this indicates that you possess a well-balanced life and are a good mediator.

4. Length of fingers and relationships

Besides determining one’s nature, length of fingers can determine how you’re in relationships. Those people who possess long fingers are patient, good observant and friendly. People with short fingers are reverse of them.

5. Finger tips

• If you possess round fingertips then you prefer unity.

• If they are square in shape then you are the one who pre-plans everything.

• If you possess wide fingertips similar to spatula then you are open-minded and hate restrictions. You believe in breaking rules.

• If the fingertips are pointed then you are practical and believes in real facts.

6. Fingerprints

Well , they have a lot more to reveal then we think.

• Tented Arch Pattern: In this lines are radiated outwards from the centre. Such people are filled with positive vibes and always thinks positively even during bad days.

• Ulnar Loop Pattern: Such people prefer peace and are calm in nature.

• Radial Loop Pattern: Such people are kind-hearted, helpful and active.

7. Veins in hands

Apart from aging, popped out veins can be due to heavy physical activities. The plasma in your blood collects towards the veins to prevent the elasticity of your skin causing popped out veins.

8. Palm reading

The most ancient practice of all times, it is supposed to tell you your future.

9. Spacing between fingers

Space between your fingers can reveal to you a lot of things that may amaze you.

• If space is present between each finger then you are the one who is self-sufficient.

• If there is a gap between pinky finger and ring finger then such people are prone to have serious debates.

• If the pinky finger and the ring finger are close enough then such people are daring and adventurous.

• If your ring and middle finger are close enough then these people are the one who follow orders very well.

• If the above situation is reversed then such people are stubborn.

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