Your Finger Nails Reveals Much About Your Personality

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We all know that people believe in palm lines to get to know about their life and personality. Ever wondered what your fingernails tell a lot about your personality. What your fingernails say about your, let’s check out here:

  • Feminine and Masculine Traits : It is believed by the scientists that the length of the index and the ring finger indicates the amount of testosterone and estrogen that the baby is going to revive at the time of development of fetus.

Depression: The level of depression has a direct connection with the length of the nails.


Fan Shaped or Triangle Shaped: People with nails narrow towards the base and wider at the ends have an anxious personality.



Almond Shape: People having almond-shaped nails are creative, gentle and emotional.


Broad Rectangle: People having broad rectangle nails are easygoing, balanced, patient and honest.


Tall Rectangle : People with broad nails lengthwise are self centered and narrow-minded.



Square : People having nails with equal length and breadth are considered impatient.


Oval and Round : People having oval or round nails are optimistic, happy and open-minded.


C-Shaped : People with c shaped nails are hardworking.