12 Stunning Hacks to Get Amazing Eyelashes

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Hello Ladies! Ever wondered about how to get thick and long lasting curly eyelashes. Want to increase the volume of eyelashes! If yes, then we have brought some good hacks for you, that will save your time and give you perfect look. Mascara is the cosmetic that is used for the eyelashes. It performs many tasks at a time, it curls your eyelashes, thickens them and gives them volume at the same time. Application of mascara consumes time, however, even giving it enough time, at times it doesn’t seem so precise and perfect.

Today we are sharing these time-saving eyelashes tips to make the eyelashes look stunning every time.

Heat up the Curler: For effective output always heat up the lash curler using your hair dryer. Make sure it is cooled down before applying to the lashes.


Hold The Curler Like an Expert : Rotate your curler upside down to create intensity in your curls, as given in picture.


Use Baby Powder : To avoid clumpy lashes, use baby powder with a makeup brush in between the two coats of mascara application.



Reuse Plastic Spoon : Use a spoon while applying mascara on your lower lash to avoid any sort of smudges  on your face below eyes.



Natural Look : To get natural look apply mascara vertically and hold the wand horizontally to add thickness and volume to lashes.


Thicken Your Lashes : If you have very fair eyelashes,you can thicken them by coating both side of your lashes with mascara. It will make your lashes appear fuller.


Long Lasting Curls: To keep your lashes curled for a long time sweep a thick coat of mascara on the base and light coat of mascara on the outer ends of lashes.



Regular and Waterproof Mascara: To make the mascara stay last longer apply the first coat with regular mascara and the second coat with waterproof mascara. There should be a gap of at least 10 seconds between these two coats.


Avoid Clumping: To avoid the clumping from your mascara, dab it on the tissue twice or thrice to remove excess mascara from the wand.


Bend The Wand: To apply the mascara perfectly, bend the wand of mascara slightly. It will help to apply mascara evenly on the hairs.


Use Saline Solution : Mascara is dry or clumpy! No worries at all, use saline solution to wet the mascara. The saline water will smooth the mascara flakes.


Use a Cotton Bud to Remove Smudges : To remove mascara smudges from eyelids, allow it to get dry and then use cotton bud gently over it. Don’t try to remove it when its wet, it can ruin your eyes.


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