11 Things We Do Wrong Every Day

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There are some things which takes up way more Tim then required. In this article we will provide 11 ways to avoid those problems.

Drinking Coke through a straw

Put the straw in the hole to avoid coke from collection on top.

Making the perfect fried egg

Cut a ring from an onion and place it inside to make the perfect fried egg

Joining Wires Together

Tie a small knot so that the wires don’t pull.

Peeling garlic

Put the bulb of the garlic in a jar, screw on the lid and give it a shake.

Doing a manicure

Follow the steps to get neat manicure.

Refrigerating a drink quickly

Wrap a paper towel around the bottle and it will cool down in 15 minutes.

Tying shoelaces

This way shoelaces will not come undone until it is opened.

Making an ice cream sandwich

Cut through the tub and place it between two cookies and then remove the plastic.

Opening plastic packaging

Use a can opener to open hard plastics.

Folding a T-shirt like a boss


Follow the instructions above

Bidet vs. toilet paper


Use bidet instead of toilet paper as its better and also easier.

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