Be Ageless By Using This Multivitamin Face Serum At Home

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Ageless beauty is a dream to many. But you can now turn this dream into reality , just by sitting at your home. Just use this multivitamin face serum and get ageless, glowing and plump skin.


1. Green tea

2. Flax seeds

3. Aloe vera gel

4. Vitamin E capsules


1. In a bowl take 1 cup of water

2. Add 2 tsp flaxseed.

3. Boil it on low flame until you get gel like consistency.

4. Add 1 tsp green tea powder. Let it be on flame for 10 seconds.

5. Let it cool.

6. Filter this water.

7. Add 1 tsp aloe vera gel.

8. Add oil of 2 vitamin E capsule.

9. Stir it really well for 1 minute and your serum is ready.


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