Best Chapsticks on the Market 2018

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You would think that with it being summer that our lips would stay all nice and hydrated, but that’s not so. The heat can actually do a lot of damage to your lips from the sun’s UV rays causing dryness and other not-so-fun issues. You want to make sure you not only keep your body hydrated through fluids but that you keep your lips hydrated too! It’s essential for beauty and health. So I sought out the best chapsticks on the market to bring to you, my readers! Here is the list:

3 in 1 Chapstick Total Hydration $10

They call it the 3 in 1 because it moisturizes, renews and transforms your dry lips into beautifully hydrated lips you can be proud of. The sweet peach flavor is by far my favorite, but it’s entirely up to you which flavor you pick. The other nice thing is that you don’t have to struggle with getting it out. It has an easy use tube and this chapstick isn’t tinted if you were worried about having a weird color reaction. You can buy this at your local Walgreens or other stores in your area, but you can also buy it here

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