Best Chapsticks on the Market 2018

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USDA Organic Lip Balm by Sky Organics $12

Made with coconut oil and beeswax as the main ingredients this super hydrating formula of chapstick is also infused with essential oils for flavoring. You will get flavors like Tahitian Vanilla, Tropical Coconut, Cherry Bomb, Eucalyptus Mint and much more. This brand is all organic and all natural. You won’t have any harmful chemicals and everything comes from a plant. It’s also designed to give you plumper and fuller lips. Something we all want. It’s non-GMO and as an added bonus all of the packagings is eco-friendly! It’s biodegradable which means when you throw it away in the trash you’re also being kind to mother earth. These products are also never tested on animals, which would be so inhumane. It’s basically a chapstick that will take care of your super dry or cracked lips and is good for you and your whole family while being in touch with eco-friendly practices. It’s in the top list because it’s something you can be proud to buy.

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