Cut A Garlic And Put It In Your Ears To See The Magic

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Garlic is very popular ingredient in cooking in terms of smell and taste. Without garlic Indian food is incomplete. Other than delicious taste and smell garlic is very effective home remedy in treating body aches, infections and it also helps in improving your immunity system. Here are some unexpected health and beauty uses of garlic!

#1 Garlic treats hair fall

Garlic helps to prevent hair fall. Cut garlic into slices and rub it gently on your scalp. The essential oil present in garlic is very beneficial in treating hair fall and makes your root stronger.


#2 Garlic tea for treating cough and cold

Garlic is essential element in making yummiest tea. Add two slices of garlic in boiling water for several minutes and then add ginger and honey to it according to taste.

#3 Garlic helps relieve skin rashes

Gently massage your rashes with few drops of garlic oil in a circular direction. It is helpful in making the affected area rash-free and smooth.


#4 Garlic to cure ear ache

Ear aches are painful and horrible experience. Peel a clove of garlic and keep it in your ear overnight.

#5 Garlic helps to combat diabetes

Garlic is very helpful in higher production of insulin which helps in maintaining blood glucose levels. A diabetic patient should consume garlic on a daily basis in the form of tea or in food.


#6 Garlic maintains blood pressure

Garlic is very effective for hypertensive patients as it reduces the high blood pressure level to the normal levels.

#7 Garlic relieves joint pain

Gently massage the affected area with garlic oil in order to get relieve from joint pain.

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