This Beauty Vlogger Perfectly Did A Cut Crease Eyeshadow Using A Bottle Cap

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Eyeshadow pop your eyes and makes it look more beautiful and attractive. Eyeshadow delivers an unmatched performance with several insane colors. There are several innovative and creative ways to approach makeup. In this article we came with a new makeup technique that will blow your mind. This beauty vlogger used a soda bottle cap to create a cut crease eye shadow.

This idea looks very odd but trust me it is very effective. You would find an object of a similar shape like a spoon or something, but a bottle cap is truly original!


Select a Classic Coca-Cola and you can’t go wrong with that!

Make sure that the bottle cap didn’t have a spiky bottom as it can poke your eye!


Apply a brown shadow right along the edge of the bottle cap for an absolutely perfect and even cut crease.

Next, Apply eyeshadow on your eyelids.


Use the bottle top one more time to add depth with a darker shade in your crease.

Then, you can continue the rest of your makeup routine: liner, lashes, and skin!


And the cut crease is dramatic and perfect, and all thanks to a bottle cap!

This beauty hack is crazy and super cool. Check out the video here.


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