8 Disturbing Signs That You Should Take a Break

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This busy world is filled with stress and anxiety. We are constantly working all the time and due to lots of work we forget to give rest to our body which results in several health issues. This article is all about determining the disturbing signs which shows that your body needs rest.

1. Headache

Working continuously by focusing on things sharply for long time might cause disturbance in your head which results in aches in your head, neck and eyes. Taking too much stress tends to lead to migraine attacks.


2. Digestion problems

Doing work without giving break to your brain for long time results in disturbing your digestion system. Irritable bowel syndrome is the one of the most common consequences of this problem.

3. Frequent colds

Stress results in increased heart rate and blood circulation which when combined to increased blood pressure may not result in good immunity system. You may come in contact with fever and cold frequently.

4. Inconsistent body weight

Leading with stress may result in weight gain. This happens due to the increase in the amount of cortisol hormone in the body.

5. Stomachache

Stomachache and Nausea are caused due to the lack of rest and putting on so much stress.


6. Fatigue

Workload and stress results in the constant fatigue that is not good for your health.

7. Chest pain

Lack of rest and stress may also cause chest pain and ache. Stress also leads to cardiac failure so be aware of it and visit to doctor if needed.

8. Decrease in sexual activity

Stress and anxiety stops the production of hormones for sexual drive. In this case a person might not interest in making love with his partner. You need to relax your mind and body to solve this kind of problem.

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