This Palm Line Will Tell You How Many Children Will You Have?

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Children Lines / Kids Line

Child lines are found between the base of your little finger and the marriage lines. This child line says about the number of children you may have in future and their health status. The number of line indicates the number of children; the deeply marked lines suggest the birth of a male child whereas the short and narrow lines are for the female child and in case if the lines are extremely short and interrupted then it indicates the loss of a child in the form of abortion or some any reason.

In this article we will discuss what your palm line says about your children:

(a). If your child lines are getting forked at the end then it simply means there is a chance of having twins.


(b).The deeply marked lines indicates the birth of a male child.

(c).the short, narrow and the shallow lines indicates the birth of a female child.


(d). The Island like shape at the starting point of your child line then it indicates that your children are grown weak and ill.

(e). The Island like texture at the end point of your child line then it simply indicates that the children are hard to raise.


(f). The curved or crooked lines indicates the poor condition of the child’s health.

Combining with the following palmistry knowledge, the number of children a person will have in her life will be more accurate:

1. If the area below the base of your thumb is thick and well developed then it means that you have good sexual drive and you are likely to have more children.

  1. The short and narrow little finger indicates that you are likely to have few kids only.
  2. If the line below your little finger is deep and chain-shaped then it’s an indication that the person may not have any children.
  3. If at the intersection knowledge line there is any romance star occur or there is a curve at wrist line then it simply means that the woman may not have any child.

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