This Is What Happens To Your Body After You Apply Nail Polish

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As we all know very well that women love to polish their nails and want that shiny and glittery look on their nails all the time and there is no doubt that nail paints add up to a women’s personality but there are always  two sides of a coin . Nail polish makes your nails look elegant and attractive but at the same point it costs you your health each and every time. Nail polish contains several chemicals that have horrible effects on an individual’s health.

Chemicals in nail polish

To give shine and elegance to a nail polish there is a need of few chemicals and nail paint industries use these chemicals without any hesitation. But these chemicals are not good for our health and have disastrous effects on our body. These chemicals aim our most delicate organs of our body so one should be careful about the things they are applying on themselves because not everything that looks good is good for our health.

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