15 Tips and Tricks For Getting Perfect Eyebrows

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A good brow compliments the face highlights the eyes and gives a mini makeover to the face. Now all brows look good on all faces, so use these tricks to keep your brows intact and in the shape that suits your face.

Don’t Change The Shape Too Much

Don’t change the shape. Go for natural shape by contouring as the natural shape of your eyebrows are the best shape.

Don’t Pluck Too Much Hair

Plucking too much hair spoils the shape and will stop growing the hair on the eyebrows. So go slow while contouring and giving shap to the brows.

Eyebrows For Square Face

Softly Rounded brows look best on square face as the square faces have strong angled features. Avoid angular and seriously rounded brows.

Eyebrows For Round Face

People with round face should go for an angular brow and higher arch.

Long Face Shape

The features are to be played along with a brow that is extending the corners of the eye.

Eyebrows For Heart Shape

Maintain a smaller chin and jawline with well manicured eyebrows. Only pluck the extra hair from the brows.

Oval Face Shape

People with oval face can have any eyebrows they want but it should be slightly arched and balanced.

Don’t Aim For Symmetry

Don’t try to make both the brows look the same as both are different so adjust the brows accordingly

Close To The nose

People who are tired of their nose should get the eyebrow close to the nose to make the nose look thinner.

Think Vertical

Nudge your eyebrows with a comb to give them a fuller look.

Apply Primer

Apply primer on the brows so that they wont slip of its place. This us especially for people with oily skin.

Fill The Brows

Use a shade lighter than eyebrow to full the brows so that they will create a shadow. Use a brush to do that and make sure of the direction of the hairs while doing that.

Use Shaving Tools

If you are afraid to pluck the eyebrows on your own, use shaving tools to get them in shape.

Trimming Not Waxing

Trim and not wax the brows as the make up doesn’t stick to the waxed skin and it takes time doing it.

Eyebrow Sealer

For the eyebrows to stay in place for a longer time, use eyebrow sealer to keep them intact.

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