Easy Steps: How To Tightline Eyes

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Tightlining your eyes are simply filling the gaps between each eyelash to give an illusion of bigger eyes and thicker lashes. Learn how to tightline your eyes and make your lashes appear thicker with eyeliner. While lining your upper waterline by this technique seems complicated. It’s truly easy and produces noticeable enhancement.

You could look more attractive and gorgeous by simply following these simple amazing tricks step by step.

Step1:  First of all wash your hands before touching your eye as it can cause allergy to your eye by transferring dirt and oil. In tightlining apply eyeliner closer to your eyeball. You can also use a cream or gel eyeliner and it must be waterproof. For natural look use eyeliner of that match your eyelashes color. Use a sharp pencil and do not borrow someone else eyeliner.


Step2: Raise your chin and look up while your eyelashes are grazing your brow bone. Use the dry make up brush to press your lashes upward and hold them on your brow bone.

Line your upper waterline. Waterlines are the moist rims near the base of your eyelashes. Trace your upper waterline back and you can do this 2 or 3 times depending on how deep dark color you want. Do not blink while applying eyeliner.

Step3: fill in the space between the lashes. You may use either eyeliner or an eye shadow for this. For a little more pop to your look emphasize your lower lashes. If you like you can curl your eyelashes using curler.




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