Put Your Palms Together, and Pay Attention to This Little Detail

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It is commonly said that our body language, features and personality say alot about a person. So does the palm. The lines in palm the nature you posses and the kijd of a person you are.

  • The lines are at same level

These people are very lucky, stable and always keeps you happy. Your partners will never leave you and stick with you through thick and thin. They are just serious about their relationship and also they are the sensitive ones when it comes to taking decisions.

  • The left hand line is lower

These type of people fall in love with those who are elder to them as the experienced ones can guide them. They are the most romantic people you would have ever come across. They will sacrifice anything the make you happy. They are very much independent.

  • The left hand lines is higher

They are very adventurous and hardly serious about any relationship but whej they love its always fiercen They usually fall for people younger to them. They have a drive to do the impossible things. They Keep setting goals for themselves time to time.

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