Worst to Best Girlfriends According to your Zodiac.

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It is said that our Zodiac Signs are major controllers of our behavior. We will see how zodiac sign of girlfriends range from the best to worst according to certain characteristics that they might have inbuilt in them due to their zodiac signs. This simply proves their efficiency as a girlfriend according to their zodiac signs. Check out yours and see how far it holds true.

12) Scorpio

Scorpios are known to speak the truth no matter how harsh and rude they get, this might be a great personality trait but it definitely can bother a boy friend. They might also fail to handle some situations because of it. These girls are known to fall hard and make some unavoidable mistakes. But that cannot stop you from dating her. After all love is about embracing your other half with their flaws.

11) Virgo

This girl is self conscious in her relationship. In fact these girls go beyond their limits to feel if what they are doing is enough. You might have a hard time convincing them that their efforts are enough and she is the perfect match. Their insecurities can bother them way too much so much so that they might end up getting jealous.

10) Aries

There is a mayhem of thoughts and emotions inside of her which makes her switch her decisions far too easily. They also are known to rush up things, which can prove to be advantageous as well as detrimental. She also might end up dominating you in your personal life and you might feel you have no space left for yourself. She is known to be impulsive which can get her to destroy relationships, acting in the heat of the moment.

9) Taurus

They don’t show their real self right away. They are usually hesitant.  She is the one who usually escapes and tries to ignore any hurdle, it can be a weird interaction with such people. She also is of the belief that relationships tie you down which can make her comfortable being single until they find the one perfect for them.

8) Cancer

This women is known to provide you with love and warmth. These women are known to be emotional and expressive who will be your ‘home’. She loves passionately and with all her heart. She also expects the similar enticement and zest from you. Since she is expressive, she might show her disappointment to you if she feels you don’t reciprocate. At times, she is also depressed and anxious which can make her uncontrollable.

7) Leo

Leo, a sign of courageous and brave, is rightfully felt when one is in relationship with her. She is adventurous and is ready to explore new things, expecting the same from you. She will giver her all to make the relationship work, even though she might be hard to love.

6) Aquarius

These girlfriends are quite handy when you are understanding. In a relationship, she usually protects her self-respect. It is also very easy for her to take a step back when hurting in a relationship.

5) Gemini

These signs actually possess dual personality traits, that of an angel and one with devil. Angel side is bound to attract you with the charming personality which is hard to ignore. But as soon as her personality flips to the darker side,you will have to be patient. She thirsts for fun,adventure and thrill and denies to live a stable life. If you wish to desire sanity and stability, then it would be advised for you to never date a Gemini women.

4) Libra

These people usually believe in mutual respect and equality when in a relationship. They try to avoid conflicts and remain calm and quiet. Avoiding conflicts may not be the best idea, hence it would be necessary for you to create a friendly environment so that it is easy for her to express herself. If at all you are possessive, don’t date Libra as you can easily jealous.

3) Capricorn

As ambitious and as determines they may be, she expects a lot from her partner and she dreams for a perfect relationship. She is always ready to respond to challenges. She makes sure to protect the ones she loves and is loyal and never cheats or lies for saving her relationship.

2) Pisces

These are introvert and are reserved in nature. But one can invest their trust in them and keep secrets to themselves. She is always one step ahead in sacrificing you better future and for the welfare, also she is honest and faithful!

1) Sagittarius

These ace the list and becomes the best girlfriend. She not only proves to be a dedicated lover but she can be illogically analytical of herself. You as a partner can help her build self confidence and be supportive. She is one among the others when it comes to being jealous when she spots you with some girl. You can always comfort her by showing your true commitment and being loyal is all that she would ever ask for.

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