15 Make Up Tricks That Can Help You Be a Pro!

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All a girl wants is to constantly up she make up the game to perfection. We read and practice many makeup tricks that can help her so. But there should be some basic knowledge at hand like knowing what your skin tone, using the base according to your tone, using concealer the correct way which can help hide dark circles and pores, to name a few.

Not only knowing how to do make up, but having some basic tricks while you do make up say, to make you eyes look bigger or your lips to look fuller. Here we have listed some very useful tips which can help you overcome some problems you face while doing makeup.

1. Enlarge your look

Sometimes it so happens our eyes tend to look smaller that usual due to tiredness or not having enough sleep, you can fix this by applying white eyeliner to your eyes and nobody will know. This will make your eyes look bigger. Skin colored eyeliner will make your eyes larger. Black makes your eyes look small, though intense.

2. Avoid Hurting Yourself With a Sharp Tip

Sharping you pencil too much can hurt you eyelid because they are really sensitive. Keep your pencil above a candle flame and let it warm, allow it to cool down before applying.

3. No More Mascara With Lumps

Sometimes the mascara dries out or forms lumps on your lashes while you apply it, giving it them a rough look. You can easily pass this by heating the mascara bottle. Put it in a container of warm water and let it come to normalcy before applying. Do not heat it more that required, this will provide suitable environment for bacterial growth.

4. Achieving The Perfect Cat Eye.

If you wish to achieve a perfect eye make up, try to do it in parts as shown. If you think you are far too clumsy for this, use tapes or spoon to define lines and furnishing a cleaner look.

5. Give More Volume To Eyelashes.

Volume mask can be a hard pill to take since they can give a lumpy look. Instead, one can resort to using normal mask keeping some steps in mind. First, Curl your lashes starting from the base to the end, repeating two to three times. Comb the lashes with the same brush, giving a uniform look. Dab baby powder using a cotton swab. Go back and out a mask and you are good to go!

6. The Metallic Look is What Today.

It is not always necessary to get a new shade from the market to match the outfit. One can customize using metallic shadow and colorless gloss. Mix them both in a container to give a look of wet lips and apply with a swab!

7. Apply the concealer in the correct way.

The trick is to apply a skin colored concealer, make a triangle in the area of transition between eye and the cheeks. Place the concealer top down always!

8. Dare to use a different eyeliner.

Always use an eyeliner contrasting to your eye color. Blue colored eyes work their best with a copper or gold eyeliner: coffee colored with navy blue and for green violet works best.

9. Make your face a work of art.

Always have the right brush with you. They are the artillery of make up artists. One can get both animal or synthetic ones.

10. To achieve more populated eyebrows.

For your eyebrows, a pencil as the same tone as yours can work the best. Comb your brows and work in the same direction of hair. Also, apply gel to keep them in place.

11. Contouring highlights your features.

One can make their cheek bones higher and jaw defined by marking a brown tone as shown. Make a line from the front to the lower bone and another starting from the same space and end in a circular way from the cheek. Use a lighter shade for the sides of your eye socket and take a thick brush and blur to help it mix to your base.

12. Basic shade guide.

In the image above, you eyes are divided into section. Apply medium shade on the mobile lid (A) leaving space to apply a more intense shade(C) in a seven ovoidal species. Now apply intensifying tone (D) on the eyelid fold and finish with the illuminating tone(A) below eyebrow.

13. For lips with more volume.

In order to get fuller lips, use darker eyeliner to the hue. Start by marking a cross at the junction of your upper lip, also draw to parallel lines on the prominent areas of the lips as shown in the figure. Apply your lipstick now and brush the stokes. Apply gloss at the center to highlight your lips more.

14. For soft, moist lips.

Exfoliation of your lips is important in order to get rid of dead cells. This also helps them stay smooth and fresh. Use sugar and few drop of milk and massage on your lips, with circular motions of hands. Carry a moisturizer to apply when it feels that lips are starting to dry up!

15. Give your eyes a boost.

In order to help you face look brighter and fresh, you can use bags of chamomile tea to cover your eyes in order to relax the veins. Use a blue lacrimal eyeliner afterward which will fade the red.

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