Here is the Reason Why You Should Never Be Drinking Coffee On An Empty Stomach.

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I personally function the best when i have coffee in my system. Morning coffee definitely has no match. And i can’t say it any fairer than that.

Coffee has tremendous amount of benefits. Not only does it enhances memory but also reduces risk of harboring dementia and cancer. Drinking it on an empty stomach is a pitfall though, according to certain studies.

Here are some of the reasons why it should be avoided to drink coffee before breakfast.

Stomach Acid!

Amino acids are present in our stomach that helps in breaking of food. Now on an empty stomach when the acids don’t have any food to break, if you add coffee, which itself is an acid, your stomach will be out of balance.

Also, this time of acid excess environment makes the growth of cancer cells most likely. You may also suffer from abdominal pain and heartburn.


Taking small coffee intakes will cause you to become active, vigilant and euphoric. When you take it in large amounts, it can cause anxiety and fatigue and prove counterproductive.

The amount of coffee that makes people feel well is different for different people. For some it amounts to n number of cups of coffee, while for others it can be in one shot.

Loss of Appetite.

It has been shown that caffeine reduces appetite. If you are on a diet then it is another story. Eating something first will provide you more energy than a cup of coffee.



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