36 Cool “Must Try” Makeup Hacks

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Make up is an art which needs to be applied perfectly to give a perfect look. It is easily possible with the best tips available to you. Lets have a look at those tips.

1. Perfect Your Liquid Eyeliner

Use a scotch tape to perfect your liquid liner and apply them perfectly.

2. Sultry Smoky Eye

Follow these simple steps to get a smokey eye.

3. Make Your Eye shadow Pop

Make your eye shadow pop with these easy steps

4. Acne Cover Up

Cover your acne scars easily

5. Line And Curl Your Lashes At The Same Time

Line and curl your lashes with these simple steps.

6. Get A Face lift In 30 Seconds

Now you can get a face lift easily in just 30 seconds.

7. Popsicle Stained Lips

Get this cool popsicle stained lips in no time.

8. Easy Eye Makeup For Tired Eyes

Remove those tired eyes with these beauy tips.

9. Overnight Beauty With Vaseline

These are the overnight benefits of vaseline.

10. DIY Makeup Contouring Tips

Contour your eyes yourself with these kickass tips.

11. Add Eye Drops To Old Mascara To Prevent It From Drying Out

Avoid drying out of mascara easily.

12. Make Your Own DIY Natural Non-Toxic Mineral Foundation

Create your own foundation

13. Test New Foundation Shades On Your Neck, Not Your Arm.

Neck is same skin tone as the face so check the foundation shade on neck.

14. Fix Any Broken Powder Or Makeup

Apply alcohol to fix a broken powder.

15. Save Dry Or Clumpy Mascara

Save dry mascara easily.

16. Sigma Brow Expert Kit Eyebrow


Use this kit to fill in the brows.

17. Use Scotch Tape As An Eyeshadow Stencil

Use a scotch tape to get a perfect eyeshadow.

18. Make Your Lips Look Fuller And Bigge

Use this kickass steps to make your lips look bigger.

19. Kool Aid Lip Stain

Use kool aid to make your lipstick intact.

20. Get Sexy, Voluminous Lashes In Seconds

Use powder on eyelashes to make it look voluminous.

21. Make Lipstick Last

Use a butter paper to make lipstick last.

22. Secret Eye Lift

Use a while pencil liner to make your eyes lift.

23. Repurposed Plastic Spoon

Use a spoon to apply mascara on lower lashes without smudging.

24. Eye Highlights

Use white pencil shadow to highlight the eyes.

25. Fix Clumpy Mascara

Fix clumpy mascara by putting eye drops in it.

26. Eyeliner Tightlining

Ways for eyeliner tightlining.

27. When To Toss Out Makeup

Time period for makeup.

28. Concealer Makeup Hack

Apply concealer in a triangle shape below the eyes to remove dark circles.

29. Basic Contour Makeup


Ways to contour the make-up.

30. Foolproof Concealer Map

Ways to use concealer.

31. Totally Not Boring Brown Eye Makeup


Brown make-up is always in. Use these ways to apply them.

32. Apply Eyeliner The Right Way

Follow the tips for applying eyeliner.

33. Clean Makeup Brushes The Easy Way

Clean your make up brushes everytime to avoid infections.

34. Lengthen Your Lashes Naturally

Use these simple ways to lengthen your lashes naturally.

35. Strobe To Glow

Ways to strobe the glows.

36. Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

ways to make eye make up remover naturally.



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