Best Technique To Do Winged Eyeliner For Hooded & Small Eyes

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Eyeliner is an important part of a woman’s life as it helps in enhancing the most attractive feature of her face and is inexpensive product which can provide you an elegant look in just few minutes. But the way you apply your eyeliner really matters, an inappropriate method of application can ruin your whole look. Here is an easy and quick method to get the desired look of your eyes.

  • If you want a perfect wing which will be bold as well then you must stretch a little bit away from the natural line. Move the eyeliner away from the outer corner of the eye.
  • Now it’s time to draw the wing but if you are not experienced enough then do not directly go for the arch. First of all outline the natural shape of the eye.
  • Start outlining from the inner corner of the eye and reach the outer corner of it, the boldness should be increased gradually while application of the eyeliner.
  • Before making the arch, you should draw a light sketch of it for the perfect shape of it and then make it thicker as much you want it to be.
  • After outlining makes sure that the wing it pretty sharp and elongated.
  • If you want a much easier method then make some dots before shaping the arch and then join the dots and do it the traditional way.

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