7 Surprisingly Simple Beauty Mistakes That Make Women Look Old

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Every woman want to look sassy and classy and no doubt makeup helps us to reach that extent but the ways we do our makeup really matters and while attaining that desired look women encounter some common mistakes which becomes an obstacle. Here are some mistakes that women tend to do and some important points that women should keep in mind while doing their makeup.


Mistake: This is one of the most common mistakes done by woman as whenever women choose their foundation and concealer, they tend to choose the wrong shade either they select one shade low or one shade high.

Correct Way:  Before selecting any shade you better match it with your skin tone. The easiest method to select the shade is to first apply it on your neck and see that if it matches your skin or not. And one must be aware of the proper method to apply the foundation and concealer.


Mistake: Blush is used to highlight the cheekbone but most of the women apply it on their cheeks which give them a dull look and make them look older than their real age as well as the inappropriate way of application can ruin your whole look.

Correct Way: The correct way to apply blush is to cautiously apply it on your cheekbones only and if you are dealing with oily skin then apply some powder on your cheekbones and use shade which suits your skin shade.



Mistake: Inappropriate method of applying liner and eye shadow can make your eyes look smaller than their regular size as some women apply eye shadow and liner on the lower part of the eyes. Second mistake is women apply eye shadow without checking that if the eye shadow matches with their skin or not.

Correct Way: While applying liner mascara, liner and eye shadow make sure that you only apply it on the upper lashes and eyelids and before applying any shade make sure that it goes with your skin.


Mistake: Lipsticks are most important part of women’s life as it brings out the most important feature of your face but improper method of application results in sultry look of lips as lipstick starts to leak down.

Correct Way: Before filling up the whole lips outline it with the lip liner and then go for the inside of it. If you want the leakage of the lipstick use some translucent powder on it as it will help in keeping the lipstick for a longer period of time.


Mistake: Eyebrows are considered as the least important feature of your face but the truth is it plays vital role in giving your face a definite look and Sometimes women over shape the eyebrows which gives them a dramatic look.

Correct Way: The correct way is to go with the natural shape of your eyebrows and outline the shape of the same shade as of the eyebrows and if needed you can tweeze it up a little bit.


Mistake: It is not necessary that same hairstyle can suit everybody’s face as everyone has different facial structure and choosing a particular hairstyle is a tricky thing .we all like to color our hair but coloring them without even choosing the perfect shade isn’t something that will look good on your face.

Correct Way:  If you want an elegant look and look that can make you center of attention then choose your hairstyle which flatters your face cut and if you want to give some boost to your looks you can add some bounce and shine to it.


Mistake: Women are well known to pay tons of money on their face and go through many artificial skin treatments which does not give permanent results and sometimes make the situation much worse. Constant waxing of facial hair, bleaching and massages can harm the skin and result in wrinkles.

Correct Way: If you want skin treatment then reach for the natural ones which contain fruits and the essential nutrients which are daily need of our skin. Try to use herbal products to protect the shine and smoothness of your skin.


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