Place A Clothespin On Your Ear For 5 Seconds, The Unexpected Effects Will Surprise You

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‘No one can remain happy throughout his life as everyone has to experience pain and sadness at certain point in life but luckily there is an interesting way by which we can encourage our organs to work even better in those conditions.

It might be surprising and unconventional method for you but it is the true fact that clothespin can provide immediate relief by placing them at different point on the ears. Our ears have nerve endings and connectors to the central nervous system.

There are six different spots present on the ears which are closely connected to specific organs and regions of our body. All you need to do is to place a clothespin on the specific area of your choice and wait for the results.

1. The Upper Part of The Ear

Placing clothespin at the upper part of your ear will help you in getting relief from tension in your back and shoulder


2. The Top of The Ear’s Curve

Place the clothespin at the top of the ear’s curve to get immediate relief from any kind of discomfort in any of your organs.


3.The Upper-Middle Part of the Ear

Place a clothespin to the upper middle part of your ear to get relief from joint pain and stiffness.


4. The Lower-Middle Part of The Ear

In order to get rid of congestion, stuffy nose and provide a good night’s sleep, place the clothespin to the lower middle part of your ear.


5. Above the Earlobe

Applying clothespin above the earlobe is beneficial in getting rid of digestive pain or stomach aches.


6. The Earlobe

The earlobe has to your heart and head, so applying clothespin to the earlobe will be helpful in getting relief from headaches, migraines and it also promotes heart health.

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