10 Properties of Petroleum Jelly You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Petroleum jelly has alot of benefits lets look at it.

  • Skin care

Soft scrub: it can be used as a soft scrub for skin by using it with sugar salt and coffee. It also exfoliate the skin.

Baby skin: It can be used to regain the moisture back to the skin and treating rashes and dry patches.

  • Face care

Makeup removal: It acts as a great make up removal as it helps in removing the stubborn make up with one swipe. Just put some petroleum jelly on a cotton dab and apply.

Lips: petroleum jelly helps in converting the chapped lips into smooth and plumpy lips.

  • Hair care

Hair dye protection: petroleum jelly can help in protecting the hair dye. Just apply the petroleum jelly then apply the dye.

Styling: It is a great medium to style hair. Even guys can use but make sure you use gel very less.

  • Nail Care

Shining: petroleum jelly helps in giving shiny nails and removing the dirt from them.

Cuticle care: Petroleum jelly helps in enlivening the cuticles. Just apply them with a cotton pad.

  • Household care

Stuck zipper: Apply some petroleum jelly on stuck zipper to get it moving smoothly.

Nail polish: get the dry nail.polish liquid by applying petroleum jelly.

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