Some Essential Properties of Petroleum Jelly

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Apart from being a really good moisturizer for dry skin and lips, there are many benefits of petroleum jelly that you might not even be aware of. It is use as a supplement for various households. It can even be used as a make up remover and it can definitely deal with a stuck zipper!

Skin Care!

  • SOFT SCRUB – Mix coffee, sugar, salt and petroleum jelly together and use it as a scrub which will exfoliate your face, lips and body.
  • BABY SKIN CARE- For new borns, petroleum jelly helps in keeping the skin moisturized and soft. They work the best in treating diaper rash.

Face Care

  • MAKE UP REMOVER- It is the most easy and efficient way in the book. All you have to do is massage your face with petroleum jelly and then wipe it off using a tissue.
  • LIPS – This is the best remedy to deal with chapped lips. Combining it with sugar will make a scrub, exfoliate your lips with it for best results.

Hair Care

  • HAIR DYE PROTECTION- Apply jelly to your hair line, this will protect it when you apply dye or henna.
  • STYLING- You can also style your hair using this as a gel but only in limited quantity. This can also be done by men, but make sure you use in small amount to prevent making your hair oily.

Nail Care

  • SHINING NAILS- In order to make your nails retain the shine, make sure you apply petroleum jelly every night before sleeping.
  • CUTICLE CARE – Vaseline can be used to give your nails a quick manicure. When you apply Vaseline, you relieve the dry cuticles and your nails seem to get back to life.

Household Care

  • STUCK ZIPPER – It is well known that petroleum jelly can be used as a lubricant. We can use it while dealing with a stuck zipper. Apply it on the zipper and move the zipper up and down.
  • NAIL POLISH – If at all you feel that your nail polish is sticking out of the bottle, just apply Vaseline on the neck of the bottle!

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