10 Amazing Home Hacks That Will Surprise You

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Life is fast moving and complicated. There’s a lot you can do to simplify your life and still get more accomplished. Here is the list of mind-blowing home shortcuts that will surprise you.

  • Use Empty Cardboard Box into Drawer Divider: To make it happen, you need a cardboard, ruler and a cardboard cutter. Like in the picture below you can get the perfect divider to put socks and other stuff!


  • Organize Flats and Flip Flops: Use a magazine holder to organize flats and flip-flops. You will save the space by using it.

  • Use Toothpaste To Remove Permanent Marker Stain: You can use any regular toothpaste and rub it on the stain of permanent marker.

  • Use Toothpaste To Fill Small Holes: If you don’t have spackling paste, just use toothpaste for the quick fix.

  • Blow Dryer Can Warm Up Your Bed: If you don’t have an electric blanket and want your bed warm, simply use a blow dryer to warm up your bed.

  • Put a Jar in Toilet Tank: Time to save some water. If you will put a jar full of water or a brick in your toilet tank, it will reduce the amount of water during every flush.

  • Clean Toilet With Cola: The acids found in cola helps to remove stains. It can be used as a bathroom cleaner. After applying it keep it there for at least half an hour before scrubbing and flushing.

  • Manage Chords, Chargers, and Shoe: Most of the time its very hard to find where we have kept the charger or chords. To save the time you must organize these at one place.

  • Magazine Holder To Keep Water Bottles: Magazine holders can be used to keep water bottles in an organized manner.


  • Keep Salad Cold: Use a shower cap and put some ice cubes inside it. It will give the ice box effect. Your salad will stay cool for hours.


Perfect Use of chupa chups stick.

The most widely recognized clarification – it purportedly takes if there should arise an occurrence of ingestion and sit tight for specialists. This isn’t valid. For security, the stick itself is empty inside (on the guideline of a tube), however, the square opening was made keeping in mind the end goal to keep the confection from tumbling off the sticks. Solidified, caramel infiltrates into this gap and dependably settles the delicacy.


Pocket on your underpants

Secretive pocket on ladies’ clothing – when all is said in done history. For reasons unknown, many individuals consider it to be a pocket. The central inquiry is what is there to store there?

It is a gusset – a component of cloth produced using natural texture. He should be available, so the sensitive skin “there” isn’t aggravated. In any case, it can not be sewn with two mystery creases, and in this manner, a pocket is framed.